DOOMBLADE awaits you

Too long have I slumbered. Unsheathe me and I will lead you to the secrets that lie deep beneath. All shall tremble before us, for I am DOOMBLADE.

They will pay...

DOOMBLADE is the metroidvania you have been looking for.
The game is in development for PC first by indie developer Muro Studios.

Adventure Awaits


In another time, the halls beneath these grounds were filled with joy and prosper. Now few dare to enter. Explore the vast underground realm and discover its long-forgotten history.

Dwellers of the Deep

You will meet friends and foes. Buy your gear from rag-tag merchants, follow the trail of the shadowy monks, and discover many dangerous beasts.


Flight and flow await you in the fights of the deep. Think quick and act fast! Conquer countless boss fights with the power of DOOMBLADE.

Unnatural Abilities

DOOMBLADE grants you a pathway to many abilities. Can you master the Doom Drop? Dare you embrace the Nightmare Onion?

A game by Muro Studios