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Welcome to our blog!
Here you can find out everything that’s going on with Shadow Bug. We will share concept art, talk about our team and tools, brief you of events we participate in and much more!

Kim Valori /


Hi!   We have a level in Shadow Bug called Pipe Fest, and the German translator came up with Röhrenorgie as the translation. Naturally I laughed my ass off immediately when I saw it (because it sounds completely perverted, and I don’t recommend googling it), but then Juha was like…

Lauri /

Global Game Jam 2016 – The Experience

INTRODUCTION   For those who are new to jamming the Global Game Jam is an event which takes place annually around the globe. There are hundred locations jamming at the same time, making games. It’s pretty epic. You have 48 hours to form a team and create a game on…

Juha Ylimäki /

2D character hierarchy and animation in Unity with Shadow Bug

Howdy ho! This blog post is more like a tutorial. I will explain how I create the 2D characters ready for animation in Unity 4.7. So let’s begin with making the actual creature we want to animate in Unity. Here is our candidate.. Shadow Bug holding a sign.   We want…

Kim Valori /

Your Rules, Your Tools

Hello!   We use Unity to make Shadow Bug. Unity has a pretty neat editor, and you can make it even neater by making some tools of your own. So if you use Unity but haven’t gotten around to editor scripting, this post is for especially for you! I’m going to present…

Lauri /

Making a dot in the interwebs universe

Hello! Everybody who knows game developement personally knows that it is hard, frustating and takes forever. In the midst of it all one really wouldn’t like to think about the social aspects of getting your game out there. It’s a whole new level set of challenges, but it’s really important.…