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Welcome to our blog!
Here you can find out everything that’s going on with Shadow Bug. We will share concept art, talk about our team and tools, brief you of events we participate in and much more!

Lauri /

Making a dot in the interwebs universe

Hello! Everybody who knows game developement personally knows that it is hard, frustating and takes forever. In the midst of it all one really wouldn’t like to think about the social aspects of getting your game out there. It’s a whole new level set of challenges, but it’s really important.…

Juha Ylimäki /

What is an office?

  Phew we made it. We got the Beta version live! Go play it now! We have developed Shadow Bug for over a year now and during that rather short amount of development time we have had many ups and downs. Great moments of discovery and dem dark moments caused…

Kim Valori /

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s GIF

Hello!   Pretty often when I’ve been trying to create a new feature or something like that, things don’t instantly go as planned. Getting a feature done usually involves prototypes and bugs, and some of those deserve to be saved for future generations. Thus I decided to share some stuff…

Juha Ylimäki /

Shadow Bug’s Summer

We had a busy summer and it’s only going to get more busy with Shadow Bug. As mentioned in the post before this one we were at Summer of Startups ’15 here in Helsinki. It’s an acceleration camp for Startups and we got a lot of great contacts and tips…

Kim Valori /

Our tech tools

Hi!   I guess it’s about time to start talking about the tech we use for Shadow Bug. This is going to be a bit technical, but hopefully not too much     We are making Shadow Bug with Unity. For a small indie team developing mobile games Unity is…