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Shadow Bug started as a student project in Aalto University, Helsinki Finland, and has now grown to be something much bigger. Aalto is where a pro gamer and a triple-A title level designer could meet and form Muro Studios in 2015. Our powers were first combined in a game jam game of planetary nuclear warfare and we haven’t looked back since. Shadow Bug is now live on Steam!

Game Description

Shadow Bug is a new kind of platformer game for desktop and mobile with emphasis on action and speedrunning. The control scheme of the game is specifically designed for fast movement. You play as Shadow Bug and try to stop the evil factory from polluting your forest home. You do this by attacking on enemies and slicing them to pieces.

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Steam Pre-release

App Store Post-release

App Store Pre-release

Muro Studios

Kim Valori – Code
Juha Ylimäki – Art

Veli Laamanen – Sound and Music for Shadow Bug