Team intro: Juha

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Well, hello there.





I’m Juha, the artist of the team. I will tell you about the secrets behind the art of Shadow Bug during it’s development. I’m sure you will also find some frozen pizza related topics covered in my blog posts.

Games. I have always played those damn games. If I remember correctly I was about 2 years old when I was already playing Summer Games on Commodore 64 with my dear older brothers. The best thing ever on C64 was a game creator called SEUCK (Shoot Em Up Construction Kit). You could draw your own characters and animate them frame by frame and place them in the upwards scrolling game world and choose which way they shot their amazingly drawn bullets. All this by using a joystick. Nice. This is basically what I do here at Muro Studios… But with a Wacom tablet.

I have played Ultima series a lot. Ultima 7 was the best because of it’s hack mode where you could pick up anything in the world and start making crazy things. I remember building my own mansions with all the stolen walls and cool looking pixel objects. I think the first big(gest) immersive mind blowing experience that I have had with a game is Ultima Underworld 1 that I played like a maniac with our 486 back in the day. Dat Looking Glass Studios. I mean what the… Studio that made Underworld, Thief and System Shock series. Ok boss. When I heard that Paul Nerath (founder of Looking Glass Studios) had a Kickstarter campaign with his new company Otherside Entertainment I was like “Shut up and take my moneys!”

What else… well of course all the Tim Schafer stuff. Waiting for the Broken Age part 2 which should be soon here. At the moment I’m playing Pillars of Eternity whenever I manage to have free time from Shadow Bug! Shadow Bug! Shadow Bug! Hail to the king baby. Where is it? Do you wanna dance? Shake it baby!