Team intro: Kim

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Hi there!




I’m Kim, the coder of the team. I’ll tell you about the more technical side of Shadow Bug’s development in future blog posts. For now, let’s settle for a brief intro.
I have a background in computer science and I’ve been playing all kinds of games since I was a kid. I guess I started creating games pretty early too. When it comes to game design, I’m quite the mechanical thinker. Game mechanics really intrigue me, which is probably due to my gaming history. For instance, I used to play tons and tons of Magic: the Gathering. Fortunately, I’ve managed to rid myself of that addiction! Here’s a picture of me as a young Magic junkie:


Really enjoying the game.


Recently I’ve been playing Hearthstone and I just completed the Mass Effect trilogy. Some older classics I’ve enjoyed are The Legend of Zelda, Super Metroid, Chrono Trigger, Dune 2, UFO: Enemy Unknown and Quake.


On the mobile side, I enjoy small mechanical games. Like Flappy Bird, Crossy Road and Pako. I’ve made a few small prototypes of this genre (endless mobile toilet games?) myself. These are far far from complete, but have a try anyways!


My favorite game right now is of course Shadow Bug! A perfect mix of mechanical action and immersive adventure. It’s nice being able to make exactly the kind of game you want!