Team intro: Veli

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Howdy ho!


I am Veli, the audio specialist on Shadow Bug game. I am gonna write mostly about the stuff I love the most: sounds. Yeah, I know it might sound a bit cheesy but I am actually in love with them. In abstract, passionate and very tender way. Heck, it’s complicated relationship, don’t ask…

My background is in sound engineering and music production. I had my own music studio (and rock band) for some time but I’ve left that path behind.  Now I focus fully in interactive media and films. And extra specially in Shadow Bug. Yes, I create the original audio effects and music for the game. If I get lucky, I get a chance to play with swords and nunchakus as well (probably the hardest part).

I find games to be the ultimate media for story telling. And you could imagine that by checking out the list of my favorite games: Fallout 2, Baldurs Gate, Walking Dead (all telltales games), System Shock 2. However I’ll try to play everything I can get my hands on.. but before the leisure let’s get our hands dirty with our ongoing development of Shadow Bug. It’s gonna Rock!

Stay tuned!