Global Game Jam 2016 – The Experience

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For those who are new to jamming the Global Game Jam is an event which takes place annually around the globe. There are hundred locations jamming at the same time, making games. It’s pretty epic. You have 48 hours to form a team and create a game on a given theme that is revealed at the game jams location. This time for us it was Startup Sauna in Otaniemi and the given theme was rituals. Hmm.. What would we create?!


We bounced with ideas back and forth. All the way from a toilet ritual to voodoism. Needless to say we had fun coming up with different scenarios. Closer to midnight on Friday we had crystallized our game idea and core mechanics. Here’s a gif after Kim’s first touch on the mechanics.



We soon had a name too. There was not yet an look and feel for the game, but with a name like Bro Fist Simulator <3 You can’t go wrong.



After midnight Kim was feeling tired and wen’t to sleep. Juha and I kept working. I added some screenshake effects to the game, while Juha was creating out the coolest hand a Bro have ever seen.



Eventually both I and Juha went to catch some sleep for Saturdays push.


On Saturday Kim started working again like a badass and Juha had the hands done with animations. It was time to start figuring out the sound effects for Bro Fist Simulator. Veli, our sound master was on duty elsewhere and I had nothing else to contribute. So, it was on me to create SFX’s. This was my first time on sounds. I had to find a working sound editor and put on a good work flow. I lost some good time learning new software, but I got it eventually and could start producing sound effects. Phew… Kim and Juha were feeling the pressure too, “Whaat we need SOUNDS!!!”. Thankfully I came through.


Pressure off. SFX’s work!




Sunday was pretty laid off because we worked really hard the whole Saturday – Sunday night. Until Kim had the idea to push global leader boards to the mix and Juha telling us that we really need to make VS mode.. Well Kim started his megaboss coding spree and made it happen. Props for Kim!


The Emperor

We like to thank IGDA, FGJ and Startup Sauna for organizing such an great event. MOOAARRR! please 😛



 Also we put Bro Fist Simulator to greenlight, so let’s see what happens! Share bros Bros BORBROBOROBROOOO!” And please, do up vote us :)

You can play the game at enjoy <3