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We have a level in Shadow Bug called Pipe Fest, and the German translator came up with Röhrenorgie as the translation. Naturally I laughed my ass off immediately when I saw it (because it sounds completely perverted, and I don’t recommend googling it), but then Juha was like ‘We probably can’t use this in the game’. And thus, I talked with the translator and they agreed that their translation was crap.



Röhrenorgie, eh?


So that brings me to the subject of tonight’s blog post: outsourcing and plugins. We used a service called Transfluent to do our localization for Shadow Bug. We paid about 350€ for 8 languages, which is not much, but on the other hand we don’t have too many words in the game either (roughly 150). Now I have to say, I don’t want to badmouth Transfluent at all! I think the service is great. Their customer service is top notch (they called me 10 minutes after I left a message on their website) and their website is like, oh my god ?. The UI is incredible. Submitting the content to be translated and instructions for the translators was super easy and fast. And they delivered all the translations of 8 languages within 3 days. Plus, as you can see above, they have a neat system for chatting with the translators.


Still, with a service like this, you can expect the translations to have issues, like Röhrenorgie. And in the Röhrenorgie case, it was pretty easy to see that there’s something wrong with the translation (it pretty much sounds like rööriorgiat, which sounds very wrong in Finnish ?). There might be more of these Röhrenorgies lurking in our translations with other languages we don’t understand. We have managed to validate a few of the languages, but there’s still a few to go and this is more of a hassle we anticipated.



Localizing with Smart Localization


For localization inside Unity we use Smart Localization, a plugin we had heard good things of from other developers. This plugin is great (and free!). It makes managing the translations really smooth. And you can import your translations as .csv files so it really reduces the amount of work you have to do. 10 /10 would localize again ?



Plugins in action: a localized twitter message with a screenshot.


Another plugin we use is EasySocial. It’s awesome. It cost $10, which is pretty much a steal for the work hours it saved. With EasySocial, I can use one line of code to post a screenshot to Twitter or Facebook. One thing to note about the plugin is that the example script for Facebook posting doesn’t work anymore, since Facebook has changed it’s policies. When sharing an image to Facebook from your game, Facebook won’t let you add any premade text to it (they think all the text in this context should come from the user).



ReplayKit: editing recorded gameplay videos inside the game for sharing.


Another 10$ plugin we use is Replay Kit iOS. Now I’m gonna start with saying I gave the plugin a 5-star review, and it looks promising, but we are still having problems with it.  At first I couldn’t get the plugin working at all, but the guy who made the plugin replied to my emails really fast and started working on fixing some bugs (he hadn’t tested his plugin with the device I had). After a week of correspondence we had ReplayKit up and running in Shadow Bug – or so we thought. It does work on my iPad mini 2 now, but iPhone 6 doesn’t like the plugin at all ? Guess I gotta start exchanging mails with the developer again. The reason we ended up with this plugin is that it’s the only one I found that supports Unity 4.7 (yes, we are still stuck with bloody Unity 4 ?).


So, in the three weeks we still have before we submit the game for Apple, I should get ReplayKit running and validate some translations. If you know stuff about ReplayKit in Unity or can help us check translations (French, Italian, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, German), please let me know! kim (at) murostudios [dot] com


Kim out.