Shadow Bug Rush

Added by: Juha Ylimäki /


We got our second game Shadow Bug Rush released on the App Store and Google Play! Phew.

It also got featured in both App Store and Google Play. Nice. We developed this game since the beginning of summer after we got our second update for Shadow Bug ready. So it was all worth it! Thank you Apple and Google for the featuring! :)

We have also been working on our websites this week.

Please, go and check them out. and also we just put up a merchandise website:

If you ever thought of having a marvelous Shadow Bug T-shirt now is the time!

So what’s next you ask?

Basically we are going to make at least two updates for Shadow Bug Rush. The updates will add the Sewer and Factory worlds with new upgradable power ups and monsters. Also we will add many more characters for you to unlock.

At the moment we have a small space to think if we could finally manage to develop the premium Shadow Bug for Android as well! Which I sure hope we can manage in this short time we have been blessed for now!

After SBR updates and SB Android we are planning to take Shadow Bug to Steam. So stay tuned for Shadow Bug Greenlight one day!

Thank you for supporting our adventure so far!

– Juha