Wait what?

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The last few weeks here at Muro Studios has been quite trippy. First of all we just released our first game in App Store. Bro Fist Simulator. Yes. Bro Fist Simulator. That’s not an emulator! Ok. So it’s not called Shadow Bug at all. How come? Well. Global Game Jam happened and we participated. And we delivered. Bro Fist Simulator. It was hilarious to make. I’m sure Kim has the same opinion. Lol he coded like the last 24 hours straight in Unity. Not bad, not even mad.


After the GGJ we submitted Bro Fist to Steam Greenlight. Oh boy. It really created a shit storm there. Thank you. Kotaku wrote about it next. Then started appearing Youtube players. Then appearead PewDiePie playing it. Ok boss. Goddammit PewDiePie! You played it a bit too early! Well we got Bro Fist released in App Store a week after a ridicculous crunch. Kim coded 96 hours straight. Go play it! Watch some ads! PLEASE.


Oh yea Bro Fist got greenlighted also. So watch out… We are coming to Steam one day!

Ok. So now that we got first version of Bro Fist Simulator released it was time to get back to Shadow Bug Shadow Bug Shadow Bug. It was only two weeks left of Shadow Bug developing before we decided to develop Bro Fist for App Store. And now we are on the last week before submitting Shadow Bug. Last week! Yikes! Yea we have been developing this outstanding action adventure experience for one and a half years now. Please, do your best Shadow Bug! Hopefully we get at least the biggest featuring ever in App Store. Cough.


Oh yea we were at Amsterdam at Casual Connect in the Indie Showcase. It was a business trip.



Next stop Boston. We got into PAX East Indie Showcase. Only six games got in. Shadow Bug please. How awesome is that? Never been to Boston before. I hope they have good burgers there.


So what to expect from Shadow Bug you say? Well the release version has 26 handcrafted levels. 4 of them are boss levels. It takes about 3 hyperventilatingly good hours to play through. The plan is to create at least 10 more levels as an update. It’s awesome. It’s great. What more can you possibly need? Android version? STEAM VERSION!?!?