Going for Nintendo Switch!

Added by: Juha Ylimäki /


A lot has been going on here at Muro lately as we got our Steam version released and next we are working on the Nintendo Switch release for Shadow Bug!
It took quite a while for us to get the devkit but finally it arrived to our doorstep and we started installing all the software needed and checking which Unity version would be the best for this case.
I mean whoah this is super awesome! Finally we can get our game on Nintendo!!! ajerfaewgjoerijögoer

We are also currently discussing with some publishers about possible partnership for our next project, which is going to be huuuge!

I also just put up a Discord channel for Muro Studios so if you would like to discuss with us about anything, for example our games, then please join the Discord here: http://discord.gg/AhdePCp

Can you feel it? The joy? The excitement! This is how it is when developing for Nintendo Switch!