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Welcome to our blog!
Here you can find out everything that’s going on with Shadow Bug. We will share concept art, talk about our team and tools, brief you of events we participate in and much more!

Juha Ylimäki /

A Dream come true!

Releasing for Nintendo Switch! How awesome is this! We have played all those nintendo games when we were young and now seeing our own game on a Nintendo console just feels amazing! It was a looong ride to get here but it was all worth it. Thank you Nintendo for…

Juha Ylimäki /

Going for Nintendo Switch!

Yo, A lot has been going on here at Muro lately as we got our Steam version released and next we are working on the Nintendo Switch release for Shadow Bug! It took quite a while for us to get the devkit but finally it arrived to our doorstep and…

Juha Ylimäki /

Searchin for streamers! Steam release 21st July. :)

Yo yo yo yo. Now that we have finally getting close to our Steam release for Shadow Bug we are super excited but also super busy searching for gamers who would like to play the game on their Youtube or Twitch stream! 🙂 I have been adventuring in the depths…

Juha Ylimäki /

Classic Games, Modern Mechanics

We figured this is what Muro Studios is all about: Classic Games, Modern Mechanics. You know how the games you were playing as kid were all new and exciting, magical even? Well that feeling is what we are after in our games. We want to deliver the classic game feeling…

Juha Ylimäki /

Muro Studios here and there. Can do Chendgu!

“How are we?” you asked? We are fine. just fine. Hanging there… well just kidding we have been planning a LOT on what we are going to do after Shadow Bug and Shadow Bug Rush. We have had many ideas and even prototyped a couple of things here and there.…