The World of Shadow Bug

Shadow Bug lives in a strange and beautifully twisted world. It used to be inhabited by friendly furry forest animals. But then the evil factory appeared and the animals started turning into strange monsters! Let’s take a look at them!

Shadow Bug

Well, not a monster, but rather our hero: the overpowered ninja bug. This ninja is out to put an end to the factory business.
With a leap and a slash and a splash, no obstacles stand in the way of Shadow Bug!


This buddy is the most common of the monsters dwelling in the forest. It seems that these creatures are some sort of waste product from the pipes of the factory. Don’t let their clumsy walk style distract you. They will eat everything that comes their way!


These little fellows… They used to be beautiful butterflies that helped the forest flourish. But now look at them! The pollution has turned them into empty floating shells.

Techno Muro

Yikes! These fiends are some sort of hi-tech versions of the Muros we saw earlier. Their plasma gun is very effective…

Chomp Fish

We all know that three eyes on a fish means it’s swimming in toxic waste! The hungry Chomp Fish spend their time practicing contemporary circus arts such as flips in the air.

Fire Flower

If you thought chili is spicy, you haven’t tried these flowers. Don’t get too close though, or they’ll make a meal out of YOU!

Mad Bird

Even the birds of the forest are changing. The Mad Bird grows spiky cones in its belly and throws them up without any regard for what they are hitting. Friend or foe, stay away from these birds.