Classic Games, Modern Mechanics

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We figured this is what Muro Studios is all about: Classic Games, Modern Mechanics.

You know how the games you were playing as kid were all new and exciting, magical even?

Well that feeling is what we are after in our games. We want to deliver the classic game feeling of the classic games like Super Mario and Zelda and Super Metroid.

But we know that those games have been done thousands of times already so we think there always has to be something new. Something fascinating how the game’s core mechanic works.

It should be intuitive as hell but still work so that we can build all the level design and meat around the bone. This is how we built Shadow Bug and this is how we think here at Muro Studios.

We have been planning a lot on what our next project should be and we are still on it. We have a really good grasp on our future path but still it’s wide open on possibilities.

What we want from our next project is more action, more colors, more colorful splatter, more secrets, more monsters to slice, more treasure to loot, more worlds to unveil…

Maybe something like this I drew when I was a 6 year old. Yea I think these are a good reference in trying to find the magic in games. 🙂

dat castle dat castle 2


– Juha