Muro Studios here and there. Can do Chendgu!

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“How are we?” you asked?

We are fine. just fine. Hanging there… well just kidding we have been planning a LOT on what we are going to do after Shadow Bug and Shadow Bug Rush.

We have had many ideas and even prototyped a couple of things here and there. We ended up having a Zelda like action adventure game for desktop and console which we would afterwards port for mobile as well.

Well I started drawing some concept art and Kim made prototyping while we have been creating pitch decks for several different publishers and even possible investors.

So we need more money you say? Yea it would be awesome to be able to create something bigger than Shadow Bug is. Something that requires more muscle in programming and art production. Something more colorful. Something more crazy. Something bigger. We want to go to the next level. Where and what and how… That is the question.

Anyhoo we have been travelling this whole spring around trying to find new interesting contacts and possible investors and what not. It’s been interesting but it has also taken quite a lot of time from us doing what we actually love to do which is developing awesome games. The best thing about creating the pitch deck of your company is that you actually have to start thinking what your company is about, what are your values and what are you after… So we came up with our slogan “Classic Games, Modern Mechanics”. Sounds about right. Right?

Well I can tell you more about what that actually means on my next post. Meanwhile check out these pictures from city called Chendgu in China where we were hanging around in a Slush Up! event. It was great! It was large! The city was never ending… we went with a taxi like 40 minutes to one direction and the city just kept looking the same… the endless skycrapers. 😀 What is this place you ask? It’s Chengdu baby.

chengdu building


Can you also imagine the flying cars around those buildings there? I knew you could. Nicely done. You sir deserve a medal! Hear you go sir:

some soup from chengdu

Enjoy your noodles sir. Tasty’n’spicy.

Until next post. See ya soon!

– Juha